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Personalized Pho-Reel™ Plus Camera Shoulder Strap

  • E-Brochure
Note: Images show two straps worn as doubles. The price reflects a single strap.
  • Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus worn with double straps for more "change options." Pho-Reel shown with embroidery option and Pho-Reel Plus shown with a camera on the reel and a Pho-Pod tripod quiver. Please note: the Pho-Reel Plus is a single strap with additional clips and straps for carrying accessories or multiple cameras and a reel for carrying your camera.
  • Back view of wearing double chest  straps and Photipherals Pho-Pod tripod case lashed to Pho-Reel Plus.
  • E- Brochure gives overview of Pho-Reel Plus camera shoulder strap system. Image on upper right shows Pho-Reel Plus with an accessory attached and a Pho-Reel standard strap with camera attached.
  • Pho-Reel Plus standard components.
  • Underside of the camera strap showing the dense webbing that pulls away heat and moisture from your shoulder.
  • Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus with optional connector (chest strap) and IonosGear "portable clean room." IonosGear assembles in a minute to provide a dust free environ for lens changing.
  • Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus with optional connector (chest strap) with PhorMat ground cover and Pho-Pod tripod carrier connected to the "plus."
  • There are several was to attach your camera to the custom clip & reel mechanism.
  • Lens ring mounting.
  • Currently available thread colors and fonts. If you have a special request please contact us to discuss.
  • Available trims with suggested color combinations.
  • Example of company name in aquamarine thread and commercial script font.
  • Example of personal name in blue thread and commercial script.
1.00 LBS
Custom product requires up to 15 days to create.

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Product Description

Pho-Reel™ Plus: More than hands-free mobility, it’s an assistant at your side all day. And you can have one-of-a-kind personal style: $125/ Note: Optional Trim: $15.00+/ Side Mount Plate: $4.95+/ Price reflects a single strap.

The patent pending design provides hands-free mobility and comfort. No more neck pain from your camera strap. No more fear of the strap sliding from your shoulder. You can quickly move your camera into place, from side carry, to eye or tripod for shooting.  Optional accessory cases for lenses and filters slide into the harness. With the “Plus” version carry your tripod “hands free” or other camera gear in padded cases. This is a single strap that can be worn in pairs (at additional expense of purchasing a the second strap) with Pho-Reel or another Pho-Reel Plus and now you can carry two cameras. Please note that Pho-Reel Plus is a single shoulder strap, dual straps and accessories are sold separately.

Special features:

  • Asymmetrical padded shoulder strap distributes weight evenly.
  • The underside is lined with military-standard nylon mesh to promote wicking, dissipate body heat, and provide additional padding without adding weight.
  • Chest strap prevents shoulder strap from slipping.
  • Two foot (610mm) locking retractable vinyl coated steel cable allows ease of shooting either hand held or from tripod but avoids camera swing in retracted position while walking. 
    • Note: Cable actuates at the push of a button. ALWAYS hold the camera with a little tension when extending or retracting the cable. If the camera is unclipped from the reel, hold the Bozeman clip while retracting or extending the cable.
    • A clear poly-olefin shrink-tube is included for covering the stainless steel mounting barrel (upper portion) of the clip for those concerned about additional protection.
  • Your order includes one custom-sized base plate and mounting screw. Additional plate and screw are available for purchase. Please make sure you select your camera body.*
  • Cameras with battery grip require a side mounting clip that is wider and longer. Also, the side mounting clip is used for carrying by the lens ring for better balance of a camera with telephoto lens.
  • There are three attach & carry options:
    • Base plate mounted directly to camera body with provided screw/washer.
    • Base plate mounted either into the camera body or a telephoto lens ring using your tripod mount—making your camera always tripod ready.
    • Most camera’s strap bracket/ring will take our custom designed stainless steel clip
  • Harness has accessory loops front and back for carrying small accessories cases:
    • Extendable lens case by Photipherals
    • Large professional filters’ pouch by Photipherals is also convenient for stowing lens cap, phone, and keys.
  • Pho-Reel Plus comes with additional mounting clips and hanging straps with latching connectors giving you versatile carry options: small after-market camera bag and other Photipherals accessories and equipment.
    • Use only padded accessory cases or soft items on tether straps when carrying a camera on the reel to avoid the camera making hard contact.
    • PhorMat: waterproof ground cover
    • Pho-Pod: tripod case worn scabbard-style for quick access to your tripodIonosGear: like having a portable clean-room for lens changing to prevent sensor dust
  • Optional connecting straps allow joining two units together as a double strap. Or, wear two straps with separate chest straps for the ability to remove one while continuing wear one.

Personalization Options:

  • Embroidery fonts come in Commercial Script, Monotype Corsiva, Brush Script 738, Arial Rounded and Comic Sans.
  • Create your own message or personalize, the limit is 14 characters and spaces.
  • We are currently offering nine colored thread options. Have a special request?
    • Contact us to discuss further special customized options.

Made in the USA.


Harness: 22.5 inches/ 571.5 mm long x 3.1inches/78.74mm wide

Reel:  2.75 inches/70mm wide x 4.33 inches/110mm long x 1 inch/24mm at widest point

Lashing Strap: fully extended is 20 in. long and includes D-rings made of reinforced nylon

Weight: 9.2 oz./ 260g (with lashing straps)

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Warranty Information

Items with customization option can be returned for defects but cannot be cancelled and are not refundable. Please see Shipping & Returns.

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