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0.60 LBS

Product Description

     TriOxyGear1 Antifungal Ozone (O3) Emitter Unit for non-sealed optics and camera bodies.

TriOxyGear-I: Designed to prevent fungal growth and kill fungus and spores in non-sealed camera gear operating in high humidity environments. Must be operated in an enclosed chamber: works within the IonosGear1 case or any chamber up to approximately 1.3 cubic feet (0.03 cubic meters )in size.  For sealed optics also use TriOxyGear-II, a high luminosity UV emitter.

How it works: TriOxyGear-I emits a metered dose of ozone.  Ozone kills active fungal growth and destroys fungal spores' ability to replicate.

Cleaning fungal growth:

For cleaning the dead fungal growth on your camera or lenses, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer of the camera equipment treated to determine what solutions are best to remove the material safely from specific surfaces.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure:

If your equipment is used and stored in a high humidity environment that has a history of fungal issues, it is recommended that you treat your camera and optics after each use before storage, as a preventive measure.

Mildew odor:

Eliminate mildew odor from classic camera bellows and camera cases or even books and papers.  Anything that will fit in the chamber or IonosGear1 that has mildew odor will benefit from ozone exposure.


The unit must be operated within a closed chamber or Ionosgear1 case.  Although rare, some individuals may experience mild throat irritation or respiratory discomfort around high ambient concentrations of ozone.  Discomfort subsides immediately after reducing the ozone concentration level. If you feel an anomaly of this nature, ventilate the area with outside air and evacuate the chamber outside.  Ozone can be detected as a fragrance similar to a rainstorm/thunderstorm. Under normal operating conditions it will be difficult to detect an odor any distance away from the chamber.

Surprise additional uses:

You may get 1~2 additional weeks of freshness on your fruits, vegetables and cold sandwich meats and cheeses if you ozonize them in the chamber before refrigeration.

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