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  • IonosGear1 zipper design permits access into the case from three sides.
  • IonosGear1 side view shows the case opened on one side to demonstrate the high luminosity lamp, portals, and capacity to protect a variety of camera bodies and lens sizes while changing lenses.  The lamp and a Fresnel lens permit close inspection of the camera sensor for cleaning purposes. The upper portion of this image shows the wiring of the electronic air scrubbers and the pockets to hold sensor cleaning products.
  • IonosGear1 is designed to expand to permit lens changing up to 800mm. The extension deploys from a zipped compartment.
  • IonosGear1 folds to the size of a laptop computer.  It can be carried in the laptop pocket of your camera bag, back pack or within its own carrying case.
  • IonosGear1's patented design permits quick assembly and break down whether you are out in the field or in a studio.
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  • IonosGear1 has sleeves ergonomically set, to pull into the interior of the case, creating a seal to keep out dust while electronic air scrubbers create a clean chamber for lens changing or sensor cleaning. The flap on top is a viewing port with a Fresnel lens.
  • On top of the case is a Velcro-secured flap to protect the Fresnel lens viewing port which acts as a self-contained sensor cleaning loupe.
  • IonosGear1 is easy to assemble and refold.  The case provides a "dustless" environment to change your lenses while outdoors.
  • IonosGear1 is light weight and comes with its own carrying case. Highly portable, take it into the field and be confident that you can go from telephoto, macro and wide-angle lenses to capture wildlife, flowers, and panoramic images, all in the same shooting day--without sensor dust.
3.00 LBS

Product Description

Digital camera lens changing and sensor cleaning can now be done in a in carry along case that creates a virtually dust free environment.

Sensor Cleaning & Lens Changing Case – Click here for Brochure

IonosGear1: This patented case design prevents dust particles from enterning into the camera sensor cavity during lens chanigng and also creates a dust free environment from sensor cleaning.  To avoid sensor contamination, the IonosGear1's electronics both quickly scrub the chamber's air of dust and suppress static electricity using an ionization system without creating a Venturi effectig.

IonosGear1 ships and stores collapsed about the size of a laptop computer.  Carry it in its own bag or it can conveniently travel in the laptop compartment of camera bags or backpacks.

Lens Changing: The IonosGear1 in its normally deployed position accommodates most normal, fixed focal length lenses up to 400mm and zooms up to 500mm. For focal lengths up to 800mm, unzip the concearled extension panel and change your lens without fear of sensor dust.

Sensor Cleaning: With the flip of a switch, a high luminosity overhead lamp comes on while the electronic "air scrubbers" run silently. The 185mm Fresnel magnifier lens installed in the top panel permits close inspection of the sensor at its optimum resting height, so visible dust is seen without using a sensor loupe.  An optional 120mm Fresnel magnifier or a clear lens can also be purchased from the factory if closer inspection to the window is desired.  The interior side panel of the IonosGear1 has pockets to hold cleaning solutions and swabs out of the way while cleaning the sensor. 

Note: Do not store fluids within the case to avoid spilling.

Weight: IonoGear1 weighs less than 2.5 pounds or 1.14 kilograms, with the carrying case both total 3 pounds or approximately 1.37 kilograms.

IonosGear1 Technical Specifications
Case Materials Value
Carrying Case 1000 Denier Nylon w/ Urethane Coating
Outer shell Materials 100% Polyester w/Vinyl Coating 300 x 600
Insulation Materials 200 Denier Nylon over 1/4" Urethane Coating
Inner Lining, portal and extension materials 200 Denier Nylon w/Urethane Coasting
Structural Reinforcement HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) CE (Glass Fiber)
Mechanical Specifications  
Dimensions deployed @16.5 x 12 x 9.5"/41.91 x 30.48 x 24.13mm
Dimensions deployed w/extension @28.5 x 12 x 9.5"/72.39 x 30.48 x 24.13mm
Dimensions in case uncompressed @16.0 x 12 x 3.5"/40.64 x 30.48 x 8.89mm
Dimensions in case compressed @16.0 x 12 x 2.5"/40.64 x 30.48 x 6.35mm
Changing Case Weight (empty) @2lb 5oz/1.051Kg
Changing Case Weight (including batteries) @2lb 8oz/1.136Kg
Carry Case Weight @8oz/0.227Kg
Electronic Specifications  
Acceptable power sources (4.8~6V) 4xAA Ni-HM, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc
Power source normal mode(recommended) 4xAA Alkaline 2000mAH
Photipherals external solar source 6V @210Ma (minimum)
Negative Ion Transducer Load @ 6V [typ] 30mA
Positive Ion Transducer Load @ 6V [typ] 30mA
Overhead Lamp Load [std ILUM Config] 150mA
Overhead Lamp Luminosity I[lim]@150mA Vd=3.0V [typ] 13 lumins [typ]
Overhead Lamp Luminosity I[lum]@350mA Vd=3.3V[typ] 31 lumins [typ]
Recommended Cleaning Method Wipe with damp cloth, if needed use mild soap and water.



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